Medina Meow Fix

Feral/Community Cat Sterilization Authorization & Surrender Form

Surrender Authorization
Finder/Owner Information
Finder/Owner Information
Which Jurisdiction Was The Cat Found:

I certify that I am the finder/authorized owner of the feral/community cat(s) located at the above address. Further, I certify that I have unrestricted and complete authority and grant authorization to have cat(s) sterilized. If cat(s) are deemed adoptable or are too ill or injured to be released, I grant authorization to surrender ownership of the cat(s) to Medina Meow Fix (MMF). I understand that upon surrender, MMF is now the owner of the cat(s), and the cat(s) may be placed in a new home or euthanized, if necessary due to illness or injury. I certify the information written above is true, and I am not surrendering cat(s) under false pretenses.

I understand that surrendering ownership of the cat(s) does not relieve me from any legal or financial responsibilities including the possibility of criminal prosecution for violation of humane laws. I hereby release MMF, its employees, staff, agents and/or representatives from any claims or demands that I have, or may have, that may be connected with the cat(s) that: (a) may arise out of the care of cat(s); or (b) may arise out of euthanizing cat(s).
I agree if the cat(s) are found to be too unsocialized/feral to be adopted, that they can be released back on my property. I will, therefore, retain ownership and will be responsible for food and shelter of cat(s).

I agree that once I surrender any cat(s) to MMF that MMF may then surrender cat(s) to any
appropriate rescue group(s) for adoption. MMF does not receive updates or have knowledge about the cat’s condition and adoption status after this point. Surrendering feral cats/kittens to MMF does not prevent future adoption through the rescue group once cats/kittens are socialized and deemed adoptable.