Offer affection and socialization to help kittens develop relationships with humans


Importance of Rehabilitation

Another focus at Medina Meow Fix is rehabilitation of feral kittens. Trapping kittens when they are young and can be socialized and adopted reduces the future adult feral cat population. The goal is to take in these feral or colony kittens, vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip and adopt into lifelong homes.

Rescue Partnerships

We partner with rescue organizations who have volunteers to help foster these kittens. The fosters give so much of their time to work with these kittens and handle them many times each day. The importance of fostering is to not only provide these kittens with their first interaction with human kindness but to introduce them to indoor life. They get used to using a litter box, eating solid food, indoor noises, possibly interacting with other cats, dogs and kids. They realize indoor life is pretty cool and having fun with people, toys and other pets is a great time!

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