Foster Care Agreement & Liability Release

This agreement is between Medina Meow Fix (MMF), a non-profit, and

Foster Agreement

Fostering is a responsibility and a privilege. The policies below are created to ensure the safety and health of the animals.  Please read the policies below and understand these must be agreed to and met in order to foster for Medina Meow Fix (MMF).

Upon reading the statements, please initial that you understand and are willing to comply with these policies.

I agree to permit a MMF representative to visit my home and inspect all ​animal(s), medical records and observe where the foster animal(s) will be kept.
Upon request by MMF, I will return the animal(s) to MMF within 24 ​hours or less.
​If a foster animal is seriously injured, dies or experiences any serious health ​problem, I will call MMF immediately and get instructions from the staff.
​I will call the MMF staff for approval before taking the animal(s) to an approved veterinarian.
I will assume all financial responsibility for the foster animal(s) if I take them to any
​veterinarian other than those approved by MMF or if I take them without
​MMF will provide food, litter and any other supplies when available. Any
​additional expenses incurred will be my responsibility unless approved by the
​President before purchasing.

I may not sell, give away or otherwise transfer ownership or possession of the
​animal(s) to another party without written permission by MMF. If I can no
​longer care for the animal(s), it must be returned immediately to MMF.

I understand that I will not be contacted for my consent if the situation should arise
​that the foster animal(s) are deemed unfit for adoption and must be euthanized.
I agree to adopt out an animal ONLY with specific permission from the President of MMF.
I agree to keep the animal(s) confined or securely tethered at all times and shall not
​allow the animal(s) to run free outdoors.
I understand that some animals may have been seized as part of a cruelty
​investigation. These animals are potentially evidence in a criminal case and are not
​property of either MMF or the Foster Home. This means that a court could
​order the animal(s) to be returned to the defendant/owner. I agree to comply with
​any court order directed to MMF.
​I accept responsibility for the care and well-being of the animal(s) I accept to foster
​until the a