Project Description

Meet Bambi

Sometimes you meet an animal and they just touch you. This animal did just that.

We had a call to help a cat in need in Wadsworth. We had an amazing volunteer drive an hour to pickup the cat and bring her to my house. Unfortunately, after taking her to the SPCA, our hopes were shattered when we were told she had tumors lining her mouth and she was very elderly with a severe infection. The decision was made to euthanize this poor old girl and give her peace.

That’s not where the story ends because the homeowner where the cat was located let us know there were 2 more long haired cats that were daughters of the cat we just had to put down. This homeowner was kind enough to have performed TNR 12 years ago on the mother cat and later on the 2 others. We decided that these cats were not feral but friendly cats worthy of a good home. We placed one cat with one of our alliance rescues, Alleycats and Aristocats, and the 8 year old girl was going to stay with us for a while.

This little cat, who we named Bambi, was all of 6.5 pounds and the kindest little cat any of us had ever seen. Her gums had severe stomatitis that was never treated so her mouth was in constant pain. A long haired cat with severe dental issues cannot groom themself so her hair became so matted it was like glue all over her body. She needed to be completely shaved.

Shaving her took 3 different days at over 1.5 hours each time. We could not believe how wonderful this poor cat endured. It brought tears to our eyes and made this mission solidify even more in our hearts. Bambi has had several courses of steroids for dental pain and has undergone her first surgery. She has 1 more dental surgery to go to fix the years of damage and lack of care. She now has all of her vaccinations, rabies shot, microchip and is doing great! The best part is that she is living in a great indoor home and has a new dog friend too!