Project Description

Meet Thomas

Thomas lives in a colony of cats behind Orange Theory in Medina city. Thomas has a lot of buddies over there and we have been working to get all of the cats spayed and neutered.

Thomas had a few dedicated volunteers that know him, named him and knew he looked injured the day he was spotted sitting on a log. Thomas was trapped and the injuries were pretty severe to his eye and face. We knew he needed a lot of medical attention and we were concerned with him being feral he might not do so well, since he would have to be in captivity for an extended time. We made the decision to move forward and have his eye removed. Thomas came through the surgery amazingly and was put on antibiotics and pain medicine. The foster mom who spent several weeks with him did a good job keeping him happy and calm. Soon weeks passed and his surgery healed up and he was released! Thomas is doing really well. The group who feeds him sees him all the time! We are so happy that he is thriving now.

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